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Delivery of the SPHERE active mirror module

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So far, successful delivery of the SPHERE Active mirror module. The new motorized active mirror has been installed at the core of the instrument and alignments are on going, as well as calibrations. The team here is composed of Kjetil Dohlen (SPHERE system Engineer), Anne Costille (SPHERE CPI System engineer), my self, and GĂ©rard Zins working on the software part,… Read more »

Happy Birthday SPHERE!

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One year after the first light, we are still working on the instrument to enhance its performance. This week is dedicated to the in-lab integration of the SPHERE active optics module, namely the Active-TM3. Below you see the brainstorming results, the CAD models and the mirror before integration. The “Tiger team” is composed of Sabri Lemared, who designed the active… Read more »