FAME: the very first Freeform Active Mirror

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20160627_134107FAME stands for Freeform Active Mirror Experiment, and is a four years effort of the European community to produce the first ever active freeform mirror, that has been presented in June 2016 at the SPIE symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation in Edinburgh.

This amazing achievement is a breakthrough pathfinder towards innovative active optical concepts that will make use of flexible-controllable new generation of optics such as FAME, to increase the performance of imaging systems.

Such a device demonstration has a multi-disciplinary impact; ranging from astronomy to bio-medical optics, Earth observation, embarked imaging systems, defense and security.

This project funded through FP7 OPTICON network is done in collaboration with ASTRON/NOVA (NL, lead), UK-ATC (UK), Konkoly Observatory (HU) and LAM (FR) as a provider of the freeform polished face sheet.

FAME_designThis design presented in Agocs et al 2014 is a 5.2x4deg² imaging system, free of aberrations or distortion, using a 80mm freeform secondary freeform mirror. This demonstrator is currently under integration to be then characterized until fall 2016, then reaching a TRL4.