Curved detectors: first concave prototype delivered!

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Our brand new prototype of a concave curved detectors has been delivered at LAM this week!
This full frame, fully-functional, 20Mpixels concave CMOS detector perfectly works in the visible.

With a radius of 150mm over a size of 24x32mm², such a breakthrough device will allow to drastically reduce the amount of lenses required in wide field imaging systems, as well as the number of optical components in high resolution spectrographs for astronomy.

It comes out a a CMOSIS technology, and has been packaged at CEA-LETI, our long term partners on this project. This is the result of a 4-years effort,resulting in a nearly-commercial component. This development has been supported by the French research agency (ANR), the European Research Council, the CEA- LETI and the CNRS.

The prototype is now being assembled in our clean rooms in front of a ultra-wide field optical system (170deg) , specifically designed for a concave focal plane.

Characterization results will be available soon, stay tuned!

View of the concave detector, mounted on its classical commercial electronics.