ESA Wide Field Aurora Imager

The monitoring of Aurora from the poles helps preventing from geomagnetic storms which could create dramatic consequence on earth, such as giant black-outs. The ESA space Weather department is ordering a study on a Wide Field Aurora Imager (WFAI) dedicated to the monitoring of Aurora from low-orbiting nano-satellites embarking VIS andĀ  UV wide field cameras. We are in charge of the optical design and prototyping of the UV camera covering a 60x60degĀ² field of view at 135nm wavelength.

Optical design: Kelly JOAQUINA
UV imagers characterisation: Simona LOMBARDO
Prototyping: Emmanuel HUGOT

Project Prime: PYXALIS SAS
Partners: Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG), Marseille Astrophysics Lab (LAM)
Curving of UV Sensors: CURVE SAS

ESA contacts: Melanie HEIL, Indraneil BISWAS