Academic CV

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2016-2021: ERC Grantee (StG-2015), ICARUS, “Towards cost-effective instrumentation for astronomy”
2015-2018: Head of R&D group in Optics and Instrumentation at Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille

Post Docs (co)supervision (4)
Simona LOMBARDO (ERC) on triggering the next generation of UV imagers
2016-2018: Eduard MUSLIMOV (ERC) on Innovative optical design, freeforms, curved detectors.
2013-2014:  Xin WANG – Post Doc ANR “young researcher” OASIX: She worked on developments and prototyping of innovative instrumentation for the E-ELT
2013-2014: Yann GAEREMYNCK – Post Doc Labex FOCUS: Deformable detectors. Co-supervision with CEA-LETI

PhDs co-supervision (12)
2019-2021: Kelly JOAQUINA (100%) “Curved sensors for astronomical instrumentation”
2019-2021: Louis DUVEAU (35%) “Freeform optics for Multi spectral imaging ”
2018-2020: Mélanie ROULET (100%) “3D printing of astronomical mirrors”
2018-2020: Sabri LEMARED (20%) “Manufacturing large lightweight mirrors”
2018-2019: Xiaopeng XIE (100%) “New generation of Variable Curvature Mirrors”
2017-2019: Anne Laure CHEFFOT (50%) “Co-phasing techniques for the future E-ELT”
2016-2018: Christophe GASCHET (50%) “Innovative optical design including curved detectors”
2014-2017: Wilfried JAHN (50%) “Combining flexible focal plane arrays and freeform optics”
2013-2014: Pierre BOURGET   (20%) “Adaptive coronagraphs for exoplanets direct imaging”
2011-2014: Clément ESCOLLE (50%)  “High angular resolution for earth and universe science”
2010-2013: Zalpha CHALLITA (80%) “Extreme Aspherics for future instrumentation”
Prize “For women and science” UNESCO L’Oreal (2012)
Currently Engineer on the SPIROU instrument integration.
2009-2012: Marie LASLANDES (50%) “Space Active Mirrors for future large observatories”
Prize of the best PhD from Aix Marseille University (2013)
Currently working at ALPAO, after a Marie Curie Fellow, a permanent position at CNES and a CalTech fellowship.

MSc Thesis
Regular supervision of MSc Thesis in optics and physics (1-2 per year since 2008)


2017: MERAC prize, delivered by the European Astronomical Society (EAS) for early career scientists.
2017: Bronze medal, delivered by the CNRS to early career scientists.
2014: Young researcher prize of the French society of professional astronomers (SF2A).
(Delivered each year to scientists under 36 yrs old).
2013: CNRS prize for scientific excellence, 14k€

 Short term visitor @ UK- Astronomical Technologies Center (ATC, STFC)
2015 Short term visitor @ Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI, NASA)
2014 Short term visitor @ California Institute of Technologies (CalTech, NASA)
2013 Short term visitor @ Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI, NASA)
2010 – Now
: Researcher, CNRS, Aix Marseille University, Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille
2007 – 2010: Post-Doctoral position, LAM.

2016: Accreditation Thesis on “New paradigms in astronomical instrumentation” at AMU. (French diploma “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” or HDR)
2007: PhD Thesis  “Astronomical Optics and elasticity theory”, Aix Marseille University, France
2004: MSc Thesis “Optics, Image and Signal”, Fresnel Institute, France
2004: Ecole Centrale Marseille – amongst the most prestigious French graduate schools of engineering

Total of 30 grants obtained (>4M€), success rate ~90% since 2009.
Main projects listed below.

(as Co-I) OPTICON H2020 network: co-lead of WP4&5 (total 2M€ on these WPs), on smart 3D-printed structures and freeform metrology. Partners UK-ATC, Leiden University, ASTRON/NOVA, IAC, CSEM, TNO, 100k€
(as PI) ERC StG-2015, ICARUS, on flexible detectors and 3D-printed freeform active mirrors, 1,750k€
(as PI) Labex (ANR) funding on Flexible detectors (Engineer + hardware), 100k€
(as PI) CNES funding: Innovative focal plane architectures, 30k€
(as Co-I) AMU funding: Wild WEST Amidex (total 1M€),     80k€
(as PI) CEA + Labex: on Flexible detectors (PhD + Hardware), 230k€
(as Co-I )DGA/AMU – PhD funding, 100k€
(as Co-I) OPTICON FP7-2: WP5 on Active freeforms (total 8.5M€), 500k€
(as PI) Labex (ANR) funding Flexible detectors (Postdoc + hardware), 220k€
(as PI) ANR Young researcher grant OASIX (Post doc + hardware), 260k€
(as Co-I) E-ELT M1 segment demonstrator, 550k€

More than 200 talks given in conferences and major research institutes, amongst them:
EAS EWASS conference 2017, Plenary talk • AAS meeting 2016, LUVOIR splinter session, Invited speaker • NASA/STScI colloquium, Baltimore 2013 (STScI webcasting) • OSA LAOP2012 Invited speaker • ESO Paranal 2012 invited review • Gemini South La Serena 2012 invited review • Arts&Métiers graduate school of engineering 2011 • University of Arizona, College of Optics, Tucson 2010 invited review.

“Two EAS members awarded prizes for revolutionary curved detectors”, EWASS press release (2017)
“Cea-leti-presents-ff-curved-sensor”, in Image sensors world (2017)
Paper in “Photonique” Hugot  (2015)
Paper in “L’Astronomie” Hugot, Challita, Laslandes (2013)
Superb New Mirrors Bring Exoplanet Discoveries Nearer, ESO ann11024 (2011)
Superpolishing aspherical mirrors using active optics, SPIE Newsroom (2009)

2013-2016 Co-I of the WP5 in the European OPTICON FP7 program phase 2: Freeform Active Mirrors Experiment (FAME). Partners LAM/UK-ATC/ASTRON-NOVA
2012-2015 PI of the “Flexible focal plane array” project with CEA-LETI for the development of variable curvature detectors.
2007-now ESO VLT-SPHERE: Conception, manufacturing and delivery of five stress polished mirrors and one Active mirror for the extreme adaptive optics (XAO) module.
2009-2012 MADRAS project: First space active mirror demonstrator in Europe. Partners: TAS, CNES.
2006-2010 E-ELT EAGLE consortium: Development of active optics solution for multi-object spectroscopy preparing the E-ELT MOS instrument.

Conference organisation
2017 SOC of international summer school for space active and adaptive optics development,
~100 participants, Cargèse, France
2015 SOC of “Polishing for large facilities”, (E-ELT, the LMJ, ITER and Advanced VIRGO)
~45 participants, 20 industrials, Bordeaux, France
2012 SOC of the conference “New generation space telescopes”,
~200participants, Toulouse, France
2011 SOC of “Polishing for large facilities”, ~45 participants, 20 industrials, Marseille, France

Councils and expertise groups
2014 – Now: Expert for the European commission (H2020 programs)
2014 – Now: Expert for the recruitment committee of Nice University
2013 – 2015: French national “Optics and Photonics network” (ROP) steering committee
2013 – Now: Scientific Council of the LABEX FOCUS: Steering committee WP “Innovative detectors”
2012 – 2013: PhD committee for Marie Laslandes and Zalpha Challita as co-supervisor.
2012 – Now: National scientific council of the Specific Action for High Angular Resolution (CS ASHRA)
2008 – Now: Referee for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Applied Optics and Optics letters … (20+ reviewed papers)

Membership of societies
International:   SPIE life member, Optical Society of America (OSA), International Astronomical Union (IAU).
European:          European Astronomical Society (EAS), European Optical Society (EOS),
National:            French Optical Society (SFO), French Physics Society (SFP).

Local involvement
Since 2012: Member of the LAM scientific council and LAM laboratory council
Since 2012: Member of the OSU Pytheas Scientific Committee
2008-2010: Representative of post-docs at LAM laboratory council
2006-2007: Representative of PhDs at LAM board of directors and LAM scientific council