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Attending the 227th AAS meeting

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The next leap to LUVOIR astronomy is being prepared at the time the JWST is in its ramp-up for integration, tests and launch in 2018. This post-JWST generation will likely be a 10-12m deployable segmented telescope working in UV, VIS and NIR wavelengths. The building of such a giant space observatory gathers many technological challenges that require a solid R&D… Read more »

Hubble’s 25th Anniversary

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I had the great opportunity to attend the Hubble 25th anniversary Symposium at the STScI, followed by the amazing conference dinner where 2 Nobel prizes and 9 astronauts were attending, amongst all the bright smart scientists that were/are part of this fantastic space adventure. Back to my first times when I felt very little looking up at all these smart… Read more »

Visiting the Space Telescope Science Institute

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I am currently visiting the Space Telescope Science Institute for half a month. Many thanks to Remi Soummer, Laurent Pueyo and Mamadou N’Diaye from the Russell B. Makidon Optics Laboratory for hosting me during that period. Amongst many exciting science discussions, one of the objective here is to built a formal partnership with John Hopkins University and STScI, through Partner… Read more »