Two years post doc position

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Post doc work program description: We are seeking excellent and strongly motivated candidates for a three years position at LAM to work on innovative optical design for the next generation of giant telescopes. The participant will be part of the R&D-optics group, and will work in direct interaction with a team of 5 people: one researcher, one other post doc,… Read more »

Attending the 227th AAS meeting

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The next leap to LUVOIR astronomy is being prepared at the time the JWST is in its ramp-up for integration, tests and launch in 2018. This post-JWST generation will likely be a 10-12m deployable segmented telescope working in UV, VIS and NIR wavelengths. The building of such a giant space observatory gathers many technological challenges that require a solid R&D… Read more »

ESA workshop on innovative space optics

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ESA organises a particularly interesting workshop on freeform optics and active systems for space applications (follow this link for additional details). A real mix of agencies, industrials, and research institutes, from europe and the US are joining. Trends: (1) Enable 3D printing of mirrors, (2) How to specify freeform optics, (3) Enable Active optics in space! Glad to find collaborators… Read more »

New 6 months Msc Thesis proposal

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LAM and CEA-LETI are proposing a new Master thesis for a duration of 6 months (follow this link, in french to apply). Internship theme is described below. This internship will be held at CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France. The CEA LETI is a world leader institution in the field of micro-electronics developments and works for years on curved image sensors in collaboration… Read more »

Technology transfer on-track

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By directly correcting the field curvature, curved detectors open a new space for optical systems design. By allowing an optimisation of the focal plane curvature, these devices allow a reduction of about 30% of optics in wide field systems. CNRS is supporting our research by pushing forward the technology transfer program I initiated in the group on this technology. The… Read more »

Polishing challenges for large facilities

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We had the great pleasure to organise one more edition of the polishing challenges for large facilities in collaboration with CEA CESTA on June 18-19 2015. The french community is deeply involved in large facilities realization in terms of polishing of precision optics. During these days, we reviewed the common needs and the work done so far for the following… Read more »

Open call for Marie Curie H2020 individual fellowships

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The H2020 call for MSCA individual fellowship opens each year witha deadline around September 10. Please contact us if you are willing to join the group on one of our research theme. We are used to help candidates to write proposals and enhance the clarity and impact of the proposed research to maximise success. Follow this link to the participant… Read more »

Delivery of the SPHERE active mirror module

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So far, successful delivery of the SPHERE Active mirror module. The new motorized active mirror has been installed at the core of the instrument and alignments are on going, as well as calibrations. The team here is composed of Kjetil Dohlen (SPHERE system Engineer), Anne Costille (SPHERE CPI System engineer), my self, and GĂ©rard Zins working on the software part,… Read more »

Happy Birthday SPHERE!

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One year after the first light, we are still working on the instrument to enhance its performance. This week is dedicated to the in-lab integration of the SPHERE active optics module, namely the Active-TM3. Below you see the brainstorming results, the CAD models and the mirror before integration. The “Tiger team” is composed of Sabri Lemared, who designed the active… Read more »