PhDs and Postdocs

Post Docs supervision (4)
Simona LOMBARDO (ERC) on triggering the next generation of UV imagers
2016-2018: Eduard MUSLIMOV (ERC) on Innovative optical design, freeforms, curved detectors.
2013-2014:  Xin WANG – Post Doc ANR “young researcher” OASIX: She worked on developments and prototyping of innovative instrumentation for the E-ELT
2013-2014: Yann GAEREMYNCK – Post Doc Labex FOCUS: Deformable detectors. Co-supervision with CEA-LETI

PhDs co-supervision (12)
2019-2021: Kelly JOAQUINA (100%) “Curved sensors for astronomical instrumentation”
2019-2021: Louis DUVEAU (35%) “Freeform optics for Multi spectral imaging ”
2018-2020: Mélanie ROULET (100%) “3D printing of astronomical mirrors”
2018-2020: Sabri LEMARED (20%) “Manufacturing large lightweight mirrors”
2018-2019: Xiaopeng XIE (100%) “New generation of Variable Curvature Mirrors”
2017-2019: Anne Laure CHEFFOT (50%) “Co-phasing techniques for the future E-ELT”
2016-2018: Christophe GASCHET (50%) “Innovative optical design including curved detectors”
2014-2017: Wilfried JAHN (50%) “Combining flexible focal plane arrays and freeform optics”
2013-2014: Pierre BOURGET   (20%) “Adaptive coronagraphs for exoplanets direct imaging”
2011-2014: Clément ESCOLLE (50%)  “High angular resolution for earth and universe science”
2010-2013: Zalpha CHALLITA (80%) “Extreme Aspherics for future instrumentation”
2009-2012: Marie LASLANDES (50%) “Space Active Mirrors for future large observatories”

Prizes and awards
: Mélanie ROULET: GAMI prize – Best internship report – Sup’Meca engineering school
2013: Marie LASLANDES: Prize of the best PhD from Aix Marseille University (2013)
2012: Zalpha CHALLITA: Prize “For women and science” UNESCO L’Oreal (2012)

(GAMI stands for Groupement pour les Avancées en Mécanique Industrielle)